Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wang Loses to BoSox....

Losing for the first time since the month of August, Wang took his 6th loss of the season against the Boston Red Sox. Wang gave up 3 runs, all in the 4th inning, on 9 hits, in 5 innings. He left the game down 3-2. The Yanks offense couldn't muster much against Beckett and the Sox relievers, beyond Cano's 2 run shot. Final score: Boston 5 - NYY 2. Box/Recap
With the loss, Wang's shot to reach 20 wins has pretty much evaporated. Wang still has a chance to win 19 games as the remaining opponents left on the Yanks schedule include: Toronto, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore - all teams that Wang has beaten this season.


Anonymous said...

do you thing Wang will be able to overtake park's 18 win season record?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

If he gets 2 more starts, I like his chances against Tampa Bay. His last likely start would be against Baltimore. If he gets some run support early, 19 wins is definitely a good possibility.