Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday Recaps....

Wei-Chu Lin was 0-1 in a pinch hit appearance. Hanshin won 5-4 on Wed. Box

Taiwan's junior NT is in Georgia playing a 3 game series versus the US junior NT.
Taiwan lost on Monday to the US 2-1. The Taiwanese hitters got a chance to face Michael Main, the top HS pitching prospect in the US.
Yesterday, Taiwan lost 3-1 to the US. The series finale takes place tonight.
The two teams will meet up again on Monday in the opening game for both teams in group play at the World Junior Baseball Championships.
I'm encouraged to see that our guys managed to keep pace with team USA. Team USA is one of the favorites to win the tourney - along with Cuba.


Anonymous said...

the dodgers lost by one 5-4 i believe,(Kuo seems to be gettin back in the groove of startin in the mlb.... seems that wang will be starting tommorow vs the sox!-- I will definitley have to watch this game on ESPN. If he wins tommorow, he only needs 1 more win after that to set the record for asian pitchers....JIAYO!!!

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Hopefully the 2 day delay won't have any ill effects on Wang's performance!