Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Roundup...

We've finally got a Lin sighting. The Hanshin Tigers lost 3-0 on Thursday. In his typical role, Lin made a pinch hit appearance in the 8th inning and promptly singled in his only AB. Box

Jacksonville lost 4-3 in the opener of their playoff series. Hu was 1-4 with a run scored. Box

Lansing won 4-3. Keng made a relief appearance - facing 2 batters in the 7th inning. He gave up 0 hits, 1 unearned run, to go along with 2 walks and a K. Box

In the final game this season, Lowell won 6-1. However, Chiang went hitless in 5 AB's, although he did score a run. Box
Chiang's final numbers for 2006

C.F. Chen hit his league-leading 20th HR to help lead the LA New Bears to an 11-9 victory over the Sinon Bulls. Chen was 2-4 with 5 RBI's.
Chen is putting up triple-crown type numbers in the CPBL, leading the league in RBI's - 75 and HR's - 20, while hitting at a .329 clip.


bigdaub said...

while chen's putting up impressive numbers here in taiwan, there are a lot of people here that think that he should be doing a lot better. not that he's not performing, but he should be performing beyond just great; he should be fantastic. similar to the folks in ny expecting a-rod to be flawless. watching chen playing in taiwan this year, it looks like he's not the player that he was a couple of years ago in las vegas. seems like he's not trying as hard. maybe it's the taiwanese heat.

maos said...

yea. chen really hasn't been as good as people here thought it'd be.

like at the beginning of the year, everyone was projecting a 30-40 hr season for him. I mean he's missed alot of games this year (the first month and a few games later) but really he's been kind of disappointing.

it's all really too bad for taiwanese baseball.
i dont expect the cpbl to last too much longer... the taiwanese attitude is kicking in. The bad news right now is the macoto cobras will not be playing anymore after this season.

Anonymous said...

really!, thats sad.. i really hope the cpbl doesnt die off. Thats the only pro league we have.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Lemme ask this, has attendance improved with Chen's return to the CPBL? I realize that expectations for Chen were set pretty high, but with his talent and the lack of good pitchers in the league, I would agree that his numbers are somewhat disappointing.
If the Cobras are dissolved, then what happens to their players? I assume that this clears the way for En-Yu Lin to play in Japan next year. That is some depressing news dude.

bigdaub said...

the attendance has improved this year with the addition of chen, but for the most part, it's still pretty low. if i have to guess i would guess the average attendance for a game is around 2,000. there is still a lot of people believing that the games are fixed, and that's a big part of the problem. i think the league will continue, but cpbl needs to crack down on the gambling aspect of the game in order for the league to survive. baseball is still the king of sports in taiwan, and wang and kuo is helping the cause, but if cpbl doesn't do its part the league will have no chance.