Monday, December 08, 2008

Almost to the Elite Eight.....

HS Wood Bat Tourney:
Four teams have advanced to the Elite Eight (third round of action): Nan-Ying, Chung-Dao, Mei-Ho, and Gao-Nong are moving on.

There are no games today, but tomorrow the other four final contestants will be determined:
-Ping-Zhen vs. Da-Li - winner will face Nan-Ying on the 10th.
-San-Hsin vs. Shi-Yuan - winner will face Chung-Dao on the 10th.
-San-Ming vs. Qiang-Shu - winner will face Gao-Nong on the 10th.
-Ku-Pao vs. Hualien PE - winner will face Mei-Ho on the 10th.

Tourney Leaders:

1)Kuan-Yu Chen (Ku-Pao) .667
2)Chih-Fang Pan (Mei-Ho) .524
3)Chan-Chia Liu (Mei-Ho) .500
4)Pin-Chie Chen (Nan-Ying) .462
5)Fu-Lin Kuo (Nan-Ying) .455

1)Hsien-Ting Peng (Ping-Zhen) 9
2)Chih-Fang Pan (Mei-Ho) 7
3)Shao-Ming Ke (Ping-Zhen) 7
4)Chih-Tang Pan (Ping-Zhen) 7
5)Chi-Hao Yang (Qiang-Shu) 6

1)Chih-Fang Pan (Mei-Ho) 1

1)Chih-Fang Pan (Mei-Ho) 7
2)Chia-Hao Chen (Chiayi) 5
3)Yu-Fan Tsai (Chiayi) 4
4)Hsien-Ting Peng (Ping-Zhen) 4
5)Hong-Hsiang Pan (Chung-Dao) 4

1)Yan-Wei Lee (Chung-Dao) 5
2)Po-Ru Lin (Ping-Zhen) 3
3)Wen-Hao Cheng (Mei-Ho) 3
4)Hsien-Ting Peng (Ping-Zhen) 3
5)Ching-Hong Lee (Qiang-Shu) 2

1)Po-Chen Chi (Shi-Yuan) 0.00
2)Keng-Hao Chang (Nan-Ying) 0.00
3)Chia-Liang Hung (Nan-Ying) 0.00
4)Chi-Hao Yang (Qiang-Shu) 0.00
5)Chi-Hao Lin (San-Min) 0.00

1)Chung-Cheng Chiang (Hualien PE) 27 (18.2 IP)
2)Chi-Hao Huang (Chiayi) 20 (14.2 IP)
3)Yu-Fan Tsai (Chiayi) 20 (15 IP)
4)Ching-Hong Lee (Qiang-Shu) 20 (16.2 IP)
5)Wen-Hao Cheng (Mei-Ho) 19 (15.1 IP)

1)Chie Pan (Ku-Pao) 0.23
2)Keng-Hao Chang (Nan-Ying) 0.25
3)Yu-Te He (Chung-Dao) 0.27
4)Shun-Sung Chen (Kao-Yuan) 0.46
5)Yao-Chun Lin (Da-Li) 0.48

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