Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday News Briefs....

*The CPBL will begin a good will tour for the first time, donating money to HS baseball programs.
President Lions slugger Kuo-Ching Kao donated 500 K NT of his own money to 5 junior high schools in Taitung. Kao himself came from a poor background and can relate to the CPBL's worthy cause.

*CCU RHP Kai-Wen Cheng didn't help his stock any after his recent workout. After topping out at only 89 mph in his showcase, Cheng did not receive any offers close to what he was seeking ($250-300 K). He will now work out in Japan in Feb. of next year.

*TSU-Taoyuan won 18-6 in the College Cup despite starter Che-Ming Su getting knocked around in the first inning (gave up 6 runs). IF Chih-Pei Huang slammed yet another HR, his 3rd in the tourney.

*Sadaharu Oh arrives in Taiwan tomorrow.

*HC Kuo earned the TYIB 2008 Setup Man of the Year Award.


BC said...

Great news for Kuo! Well deserved win. Best of luck to him next season as well

TTT said...

Yea, hopefully he can remain healthy for most of the season.