Monday, December 22, 2008

CMW Signs One Year/5 Million $$$ Deal.....

*The Yankees signed Chien-Ming Wang to a one year deal worth $ 5 million dollars. Staying healthy and productive could lead to a big payday in 2010 for CMW.

*Braves scout Jeremy Chou has expressed interest in RHP Ying-Shan Wang, saying that Wang's changeup is good & that he will get an offer for sure. Although Wang only topped out at 87 mph in the College Cup, he K'd 9 in 7 innings.

*It's unclear if CH Tsao will join the CPBL draft. CPBL teams are very concerned about his history of shoulder injuries and are unsure how much he'll be able to pitch.
RHP PH Keng is still considering entering the CPBL draft; CH Huang will join the draft while RHP PY Lin will hold off on joining the CPBL draft - he preferably wants to make the WBC roster first.

*CFC's 3 year guaranteed deal is up. La New will discuss with CFC about renewing his contract (amount) after the new year.

*In the Chu-Lo Cup, the Tong-Yuan B team advanced. The Bei-Nan & Gui-Jen schools also won. CFC's nephew, Chien-Chuan Chen (son of Lions slugger Lien-Hung Chen) is participating in the tourney. The 5th grader is already 5'6".

CC Chen pictured with dad (LH Chen)

*Police investigations have discovered that d-media players gambled in 16 games. Most players on the team participated, however star slugger Chia-Hsien Hsieh was deemed innocent.

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