Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Rundown....

-The CTBA plans to hold a second training session for the WBC in early '09. The plan is for the players to train in late January and then have a 30 man squad go to Australia.
-The CTBA & NT HC Yeh said that it is unlikely that they'll use younger players from the US & Japan for the WBC; most likely the younger kids will be selected for the World Cup in September.
-NT pitching coach Tai-Yuan Kuo has stated how hard it's been to choose/eval pitchers since most of the pitchers in camp aren't allowed to throw bullpen sessions yet.
-If selected, the Pirates will allow LHP CH Cheng to play in the WBC.
-CH Tsao's agency - CSMG/Octagon has reported that there are three ML teams interested in him.

Gambling and corruption have plagued the CPBL for quite some time now. Recently, some news outlets have reported that the KBO has its own gambling scandal.

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