Thursday, December 04, 2008

News and Updates...

*MLB: CL Hu smacked his first HR in winter play on Tuesday. His team lost 9-6. He was 1-4 with 2 RBI yesterday. Box
HC Kuo received a nice bonus for his team's playoff appearances in '08. He received $27,000. Not too shabby when you consider that the President Lions as a team received only 500 K NT ($14,900 USD) TOTAL from the league for their championship run.

*Braves Updates: Chen-En Hung is expected to start next year in short-season A ball. RHP WC Huang is a very mature kid and is doing well. C MH Tsai has had some left shoulder discomfort but has been lacking in the hustle department.

*NPB: Hawks RHP Yao-Hsun Yang received a slight raise for '09. He'll make 8.4 million yen (+ 400 K yen) next year. Yang had surgery this past season.

*NT: RHP SW Tseng has been pitching well during bullpen sessions; RHP CM Chiang is still trying to find his rhythm/feel for pitching.
NT pitching coach TY Kuo wants his pitchers to slow down their delivery; he said that they're all trying to throw too hard.


taiwanese said...

A full playoff share for the Dodgers was worth $102,793. The Dodgers awarded 49 full shares. I'd think Kuo deserved a full share.

TTT said...

Agreed, although possibly his share was prorated or my translatory skills aren't so good.