Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Cheer!

*Chin-Hui Tsao has decided to stay in Taiwan for the forseeable future. Despite interest from 4 ML teams, he will make himself available for the special CPBL draft on the 31st of this month. His decision to stay home will make things tough for Bulls GM Liu, who has the top pick in the draft (originally said that he would pick Ni or Hsieh with the #1 pick).

Po-Hsuan Keng is also going to play in the CPBL next year. He joins Tsao, CH Huang, CM Chiang, and YC Lin as former overseas players who will seek employment in Taiwan next year. There are potentially 60+ players who will be available to be selected on the 31st - including all former T-Rex (not indicted in the gambling scandal) and Whales players.

*Chu-Lo Cup - The championship game is set with a team from Kyoto Japan to face off against Fu-Hsin from Ping-Tung County.

*WY Chen stated that he wants to improve his stuff before attempting to make the jump to the US (MLB).

*College Cup - Kai-Nan College won 7-1 behind RHP Chie-Hao Lee.
Fu-Feng College won 5-2 behind submariner Chung-Han He.

*Fox Sports has a poll on CMW: 55% of participating pollsters said that CMW should get a new agent!



Stevo said...

Happy Holidays and thanks for another great year of thorough reporting on our national sport!

eddie said...

55% of those pollsters on foxsports poll were not aware of MLB's seniority based salary system and thought Wang's current value is in free agency and not in arbitration.

cslange said...

Hi Ben,

Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family.

Keep on blogging in 2009!

BC said...

sad to see Tsao Chin Hui in the CPBL. Really disappointing considering all the talent and potential he had when he was young. Now, he is back in Taiwan in the CPBL. *sigh*

2.5 said...

Bulls manager should pick Tsao. Let's show the world Asians are getting over nepotism and becoming meritocratic.

TTT said...

A big THANK YOU to all of you for your continued readership and support!