Saturday, June 11, 2011

Multiple Signings and Other News (2011 LL/Youth/Junior NTs Announced)...

1)The Pittsburgh Pirates signed two kids:  slugger C Chin-De Chang and LHP Wei-Chung Wang.  Their effort this time around is more commendable after signing three questionable kids last time around.
Chin-De Chang

***The 2011 "AAA" Junior NT has been anounced:
1)Keng-Sheng Lee    (RHP/1-15-93/182 cm, 80 kg/Tops 143 KPH/'09 Youth NT)
2)Yan-Chang Lee      (RHP/11-7-93/178 cm, 78 kg/Tops 144 KPH)
3)Ren-He Tseng  (RHP/10-3-94/182 cm, 84 kg/Tops 152 KPH/Drew interest from A's)
4)Chao-Wei Yu   (RHP/4-16-93/175 cm, 67 kg/Tops 144 KPH/'09 Youth NT)
5)Chih-Wei Hu   (RHP/11-4-93/184 cm, 96 kg/Tops 147 KPH/'09 Youth NT/'09 Pony League WS)
6)Chih-Lung Yang   (RHP/4-7-93/190 cm, 85 kg/Tops 145 KPH/'06 LL NT)
1)Tse-Yang Peng    (T:R,B:R/9-1-93/183 cm, 88 kg)
2)Wei-Ming Huang   (T:R,B:R/11-10-93/171 cm, 61 kg)
1)Che-Chieh Su   (T:R,B:L/7-28-94/170 cm, 65 kg)
2)Tsung-Hsien Lee   (T:R,B:R/6-29-94/173 cm, 68 kg/2011 Yu-Shan Cup MVP)
3)Hao-Wei Chang    (T:R,B:R/12-13-94/176 cm, 78 kg)
4)Tze-Wei Lin    (2010 AAA World Championships MVP/Formerly connected to the Yankees)
5)Yuan-Kai Lu  (T:R,B:R/8-16-93/179 cm, 85 kg)
6)Hung-Sheng Yang  (2010 AAA World Championships All-Star at 2B)
1)Tze-Chun Hsu   (T:R,B:R/1-5-94/172 cm, 56 kg)
2)Kuo-Lin Lo  (Kuo-Hui Lo's younger bro)
3)Shao-Ching Chiang  (T:R,B:R/11-10-93/188 cm, 82 kg/Also a RHP, tops out at 148 kph/2011 Yu-Shan Cup HR King)
4)Wen-Chia Sung   (T:R,B:L/12-1-93/180 cm, 75 kg)
This team will represent Taiwan at the 9th Asian "AAA" Championships in Yokohama, Japan.  The tourney will run from 8/28/11 to 9/2/11.

***The 2011 "AA" Youth NT Roster:
1)Chia-Wei Yang
2)Wen-Hua Sung  (Former '09 LLWS Star)
3)Chia-Ming Tu  (2010 Youth NT/'08 Bronco World Series Star)
4)Yi-Hsin Huang
5)Yu-Cheng Chang (Chin-De Chang's lil' bro)
6)Yu-Pu Wang
1)Min-Hao Chiang
2)Wei-Tai Tsai
1)Yu-Hsiang Keng
2)Lee Lin
4)Wei-En Chen
5)Chun-Yu Pan
6)Wei-Chien Chang
1)Ming-Yu Peng  (already stands 183 cm, ran an 11.84 100M as an 8th grader)
2)Tse-Chun Wang
3)Chin-Che Chien
4)Tse-Chuan Liu
This team will participate in the 2011 World Youth Championships in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico.  The tourney will be held from August 19th to the 28th.  This should be a fun team to follow with its prospect-laden roster.

*The 2011 "A" NT:
1)Tse-Yang Chen
2)En-Chieh Yang
3)Yu-Lun Chang
4)Wei-En Tseng
5)Wei-Hsiang Chen
6)Chao-Yu Yeh
7)Mai-Ko Chu
1)Chun-Yu He
2)Yi-Chieh Kao
1)Kuan-Wei Chiu
2)Ta-Yu Chiu
3)Tsu-Yuan Lo
4)Hsiang-Chih Chang
5)Tse-Chieh Lin
1)Yi-Cheng Wang
2)Chao-Ching Wen
3)Hsueh-Chao Tsung
4)Ping-Yi Chou
The inaugural little league level world championship takes place in Taipei, Taiwan from July 8 - 17.

*The Cubs released RHP Tzu-An Wang.
*Kao-Yuan HS SS Tzu-Wei Lin reportedly fired Octagon as his rep.
*L3-Dave Stewart has signed RHP Yao-Wen Chang and RHP Po-Cheng Chi as their clients.
*Chih-Hsien Chiang has been tearing the cover off the ball in AA ball.  I smell a potential 2011 All-Star Future Games invitation?
*Update on Hong-Chih Kuo
*MLB coming to Taiwan in November