Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 NT Training Roster.....

A 50 man preliminary roster has been selected to represent the country later this summer at the Haarlem Baseball Week Tournament in Holland (7/9-7/18) and then the WUBC in Japan (7/30-8/7).   The roster will be pared down to 30 on the 13th of June after several intrasquad scrimmages .
Here's the roster (P Hsiao and IF Kuo will not be eligible to play in the WUBC):

1)Yi-Chieh (Jie) Hsiao (Hanshin Tigers)
2)Wen-Yang Liao
3)Chen-Hua Lin
4)Tsung-Hsuan Tseng
5)Hao-Chun Chiu
6)Yu-Ching Lin
7)Hung-Cheng Lai
8)Kuan-Yu Chen
9)Wen-Hao Cheng
10)Chun-Ju Liao
11)Kuan-Ju Chen
12)Kuan-Han Lin
13)Wen-Cheng Hsu
14)Po-Kai Lai
15)Ying-Shan Wang
16)Chi Chuan
17)Hao-Che Tu
18)Yu-Hsun Chen
19)Po-Yu Lin (ex-White Sox)
20)Chu-Chien Hsu
21)Chia-Chun Tang
22)Wei-Hsiang Lin
23)Cheng-Lung Lo

1)Chun-Chieh Wang
2)Kuan-Wei Yang
3)Sheng-Hsun Chou
4)Kun-Sheng Lin
5)Jui-Mu Chen
6)Cheng-Da Wu

1)Yen-Wen Kuo (ex-Reds) - pictured on left
2)Chi-Wai Teng
3)Wei-Che Chen
4)Yen-Chi Huang
5)Chi-Pei Huang
6)Wei-Ting Lin
7)Ting-Yu Tang
8)Tsung-Han Yu
9)Po-Ting Hsiao
10)Han Lin
11)Pai-Hung Wu
12) Chih-Hsiang Lin
13)Hsien-Yin Yang

1)Chen-Yu Hong
2)Chia-Chu Lee
3)Chun-Liang Lin
4)Yi-Kun Huang
5)Wang-Qi-Wei Lin
6)Yin-Lun Lan
7)Chia-Jung Lee
8)Wei-Kan Lin

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bronco Reps Set.....

Taichung City won the TOTO Cup, earning the right to represent Taiwan in the Bronco Division (12 and under) of the Asia-Pacific Tourney. The tourney will be held on home soil, in the city of Taipei from July 18th - 23rd.

Taichung City's Tsung Lin fired a 2 hitter in the championship game against Kaohsiung County (a 6-0 victory) to earn tourney MVP honors. His teammate Shih-Peng Chen had the highest BA (.571) and most wins (2 W/3.00 ERA) in the tourney.

Speaking of Little League/Pony (Bronco) Baseball, the IBAF is pushing for a little league level (12 and under) world championships next year. The timing of the event (conflicts with the current Little League and Pony organizations regional and championship tourneys) may make it difficult to put together a true national team for participating countries.

*Here's a nice read on C Chun-Hsiu Chen. He's having a breakout season this year.

*Bad news regarding P Chia-Jen Lo - he has a UCL tear (although not severe enough to require TJ surgery).

*The Yu-Shan Cup (HS tourney) has kicked off (began 5/24th). The winner will be crowned June 6th.

KY Chen
In the Spring Collegiate Tourney, LHP Kuan-Yu Chen (playing for Taiwan Beer) has been the story of the tourney - throwing 36 innings without allowing an earned run. Although he earned a ND yesterday (28th), he threw 6 shutout innings against the MeiFu Giants, allowing only 1 hit to go along with 3 K's and 4 BB's in his team's 1-0 win.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 Youth NT Announced.....

Representing the country in the 2010 Asian Youth Championships are these young men:

Pitchers (6):
1)Lee-Wei Chiang (Taichung City) 7/10/94 182 cm/70 kg B:R/T:R
2)Che-Kuan Sung (Taitung County) 1/4/95 180 cm/75 kg B:L/T:L
3)Fang-Chun Yuan (Taoyuan County) 10/24/94 168 cm/65 kg B:R/T:R
4)Rong(Jung)-Hung Sen (Taoyuan County) 8/20/94 182 cm/75 kg B:R/T:R
5)Hua-Ching Lin (Kaohsiung County) 10/3/94 182 cm/72 kg B:R/T:R
6)Yu-Cheng Chang (Taitung County) 8/18/95 177 cm/70 kg B:R/T:R

Catchers (2):
1)Min-Hsun Chang (Kaohsiung County) 8/8/94 176 cm/72 kg B:R/T:R
2)Kui-Hung Kao (Taoyuan County) 1/1/95 168 cm/54 kg B:R/T:R

Infielders (6):
1)Cheng Pan (Kaohsiung County) 1/14/94 175 cm/72 kg B:L/T:R
2)Hao-Chen Chen (Kaohsiung County) 3/26/94 177 cm/68 kg B:R/T:R
3)Sheng-Hsien Yan (Kaohsiung County) 12/19/94 168 cm/63 kg B:L/T:R
4)Chia-Ming Tu (Tainan City) 2/3/96 177 cm/78 kg B:R/T:R
5)Chia-Yuan Tsao (Taipei County-Banchiao) 3/12/94 180 cm/70 kg B:L/T:R
6)Lee-Jen Chu (Taichung City) 3/13/94 173 cm/80 kg B:R/T:R

Outfielders (4):
1)Lee-An Pi (Kaohsiung County) 8/14/94 175 cm/70 kg B:R/T:R
2)Meng-Wei Tsai (Kaohsiung County) 5/2/94 170 cm/72 kg B:R/T:R
3)Yi-Hsuan Chen (Tainan City) 2/11/94 172 cm/66 kg B:R/T:R
4)Yu-Ming Tsao (Taoyuan County) 4/24/94 176 cm/65 kg B:R/T:R

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little League Reps Determined....

Kaohsiung City won the recently completed Hsieh Kuo-Cheng Cup to earn the right to represent the country at the Asia-Pacific tourney of the LLWS.

Kaohsiung rallied for 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning to beat Taitung County 3-2 in the championship game today. Last year's defending champs from Taoyuan County (Kueishan) came in 6th.

From Kaohsiung, P/IF Wei-Chi Chen earned tourney MVP honors, while lil' IF Chen-Wei Chen (younger brother of Red Sox farmhand C Chia-Chu Chen) led the tourney by hiting at a .571 clip. WC Chen started and won a 1-hit shutout against Kaohsiung County on the 8th of May - he also started in the championship game. Teammate Shao-Fei Huang, IF/P is another name to keep an eye on for the team.
Shao-Fei Huang

Hsun-Hao Shih

Catcher Hsun-Hao Shih slammed a 3-run home run on the 10th against Taitung County (8-1 win for Kaohsiung City). Shih, who stands 5'3", weighs close to 200 pounds!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pony Baseball Reps Set......

*In the recently completed national youth tourney, Kaohsiung County earned bragging rights by winning the whole enchilada while reps from Tainan City came in second. Kaohsiung County (4-1 in the tourney) defeated Tainan City 12-3 on April 28th, avenging its only loss from one day earlier (a 7-1 setback on the 27th).

A few notable players on the Tainan City squad include former Bronco World Series ('08) stars Chia-Ming Tu and Kuan-Yi Lee (both of whom are now 14 years old). Tu led the tourney with a .560 batting average and also had the most RBI in the tourney with 11 (he also picked up 2 wins in the tourney). He was also charged with the loss in the championship game, but he had pitched and earned a W the day before against a tough Taichung City squad.

Wei-Chieh Wang

The tallest kid in the tourney has good baseball bloodlines. Wei-Chieh Wang, playing on the Taipei City squad that came in 4th in the tourney, already stands at 6'4" as a 14 year old. Wang is the cousin of prospect Wei-Chen Wang (and hence nephew of Kuang-Hui Wang) and the son of former pro ball player Kuang-Shih Wang.

Kaohsiung County will represent the country in the Pony division (13-14 year olds) of Pony baseball. Taiwan will look to defend the title it won last year.