Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tzu-Wei Lin Vids

Here's a few vids of Red Sox GCL infielder Tzu-Wei Lin in action (Note that he utilizes a wood bat in all of the games):

1)Lin is #17 - vid shows bat and speed, stretching a single into a double:  view from beginning to 1:33 mark

2)Here Lin is facing one of the top HS pitchers in Taiwan - Jung-Hung Sen. Lin just misses out on an opposite field HR. Also note how Lin's bat always seems to find the ball.

3)Lin Facing the Junior Japanese National team at the 2011 Asian BFA Junior Championships:

4)Lin facing top HS junior Ren-He Tseng (clocked in the 150's)and slapping a single to CF. view from 3:33 mark till 4:52

Taiwanese Mid-Season All-Stars:
1)CF Dai-Kang Yang - NPB Fighters - Selected by Fans to represent PL in the OF.
2)IF/DH Chun-Hsiu Chen - Akron Aeros (AA)- Eastern League All Star
3)IF Chih-Fang Pan - Will represent World Team at 2012 Futures Game

Saturday, June 09, 2012

TW Lin to the Red Sox Pending Physical

Per news reports in Taiwan, IF Tzu-Wei Lin will sign with the Red Sox for a record $2.05 million signing bonus, the highest signing bonus handed to an amateur non-pitcher from Asia.    News is coming out as Lin just graduated from HS:

Of course the deal will not be finalized until he passes his physical which should be coming up in the next few days.     Lin is represented by Scott Boras and was rumored to have multiple seven figure offers from MLB teams.   MLB teams that were heavily involved with Lin included the Yankees, Dodgers, Indians, Tigers, Twins, Pirates, and Rangers.

TW Lin scouting report.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Ping-Hsueh Chen & the Indians

The Cleveland Indians continue to make their mark in Taiwan, this time reaching an agreement with RHP Ping-Hsueh Chen for roughly $60 K.  Chen is thought to have been seeking much more.   He has a close relationship with Octagon. 

DOB 7/8/94
H: 187 cm
W: 92 kg

-Topped out at 146 kph
-On the '09 Youth NT; '10 Junior NT

To watch a video of Chen, see more at this previous link.

Link to previous blog entries on PH Chen.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

2012 Junior National Team

In an effort to defend their 2010 World Title, the 2012 junior national team has been selected upon completion of the Yu-Shan Cup.  The IBAF event will take place in South Korea from 8/30 till 9/8.

Pitchers (7):
1)Jung-Hung Sen  - 18; 180 cm; 76 kg; T:R  (2012 Yu-Shan Cup MVP; tops out at 149 kph)
2)Cheng-Hsien Lin  - 16; 180 cm; 78 kg;  T:L
3)Hsiang-Hao Yang - 18; 182 cm, 75 kg; T:R
4)Sheng-Hong Liu - 18; 172 cm; 60 kg; T:R  (2012 Yu-Shan Cup top pitcher award)
5)Hsin-Chi Hong - 18; 183 cm; 78 kg; T:R
6)Tzu-Peng Huang - 18; 182 cm; 72 kg; T:R
7)Ren-He Tseng - 17; 185 cm, 90 kg; T:R (On the 2011 junior NT; tops out at 152 kph)

Catchers (3):
1)Joseph Chen  - 16; 180 cm; 74 kg; B:R - T:R
2)Chun-Hsiang Chan - 18; 173 cm; 75 kg; B:R - T:R  (2012 Yu-Shan Cup top catcher award)
3)Yi-Che Lin - 18; 172 cm; 73 kg; B:R - T:R  (On the 2011 Palomino World Series team - #2)

Infielders (6):
1)Chih-Chieh Su - 17; 178 cm; 76 kg; B:L - T:R (2012 Yu-Shan Cup top 1B award, 2011 junior NT)
2)Tsung-Hsien Lee - 17; 176 cm; 74 kg; B:R - T:R (2012 Yu-Shan Cup top 3B, 2011 junior NT - had 2 HRs in tourney)
3)Chia-Wei Yang - 16; 176 cm; 74 kg; B:R - T:R
4)Yi-Hsuan Tsai - 18; 180 cm, 75 kg; B:R - T:R  (2012 Yu-Shan Cup top SS)
5)Cheng-Tang Wang - 16; 173 cm, 73 kg; B:L - T:R
6)Tzu-Wei Lin - 18; 175 cm; 70 kg; B:L - T:R (MLB bound?)

Outfielders (4):
1)Yu-Ping Sen - 17; 180 cm, 74 kg; B:L - T:L (2012 Yu-Shan Cup top OF)
2)Yu-Ning Tsao - 18; 178 cm, 74 kg; B:R - T:R (2012 Yu-Shan Cup top OF)
3)Yu-Ming Chen - 17; 172 cm; 79 kg; B:L - T:R
4)Chia-Kai Liu - 18; 183 cm; 76 kg; B:L - T:L

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Tzu-Wei Lin Scouting Report

Here's all you need to know about Tzu-Wei Lin, soon to be the most hyped Taiwanese amateur baseball player in recent memory.     So does the ability match the hype?   Let's see below:

DOB:  2/15/94  (18 years old)
H: 5'8"
W: 160
B: L
T: R
HS:  Kao-Yuan HS  in  Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Achievements & Awards:
·         2006—Hsieh Kuo-Chen little league tournament batting title (0.800)
·         2006Unified Cup little league tournament batting title (0.727)
·         2006--60th World little league domestic qualifying tournament RBI title
·         2008--Taipei International Cities junior high school baseball tournament HR title
·         2009- Golden Dragon Cup high school tournament batting title
·         2010--Yu-Shan Cup national high school tournament batting title (0.466)
·         2010 IBAF 18U junior world championship games 7/25/2010 vs. Australia went 5-5, 2 RBI, scored 4 runs
·         2010 IBAF 18U  junior world championship games 7/30/2010 vs. Netherlands went 2-3 including 3 run HR
·         2010 IBAF 18U junior world championship games 7/31/2010 vs. Canada went 4-5, 2 RBI
·         2010 IBAF 18U junior world championship games tournament MVP, batting title, most run scored, best defensive player, best 3rd baseman
·         2010 Tong-Kao Cup national high school tournament batting title
·         2011 BFA Asian junior tournament all-star team (in 5 games and 21 AB, hit .476, 10 hits, 1 double, 2 HR, 8 RBI, 7 runs, 1 strikeout, 3 BB, 2 SB)
·         2011 BFA Asian junior tournament best OF award
·         2010 IBAF 18U world player of the year award

Scouting Report:

*Defense/Arm Strength:   60/65 - true MLB SS with plus defensive skill set and great range, also has the ability to play CF - was voted best defensive player at the 2010 World Junior Championships.   As a pitcher in HS, was clocked at a high of 89 mph.  
*Speed:  70/70 - lightning fast (top time to 1st base:  3.79 seconds), has shown the ability to get good reads and jump on pitchers, aggressive on the base paths, plus instincts with base running.
*Hitting/Approach:   35/65 - utilizes a quick and compact swing,  has tremendous hand/eye coordination, squares up on balls and makes hard contact consistently - utilizing all parts of the field, rarely strikes out with good patience and pitch recognition, strong wrists, has a high OBP.

*Power:   30/35 - below average at this time, has gap to gap power.

*Intangibles:   Profiles as a leadoff hitter, is fundamentally sound, has risen to the challenge during big games - performing well against top competition in major international contests, is mentally tough, demonstrating leadership skills,  plus athleticism and overall skill set has some comparing him to a younger and shorter version of Jose Reyes.