Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nan-Ying Roster

背號 姓名 守位 出生年月日 身高 體重 備註
01 1 宋家豪 P 1992-09-06 186 88 R L 南英商工
02 2 林以哲 C 1994-01-25 172 73 R R 南英商工
03 3 陳維豪 IF 1993-03-21 175 85 L L 南英商工
04 4 陳玉恭 IF 1993-02-20 172 60 R L 南英商工
05 5 謝榮展 IF 1992-09-07 181 76 R L 南英商工
06 6 林家煌 OF 1992-09-15 173 70 R R 南英商工
07 7 林書逸 OF 1993-05-20 176 70 R L 南英商工
08 8 林志豪 OF 1992-10-01 177 73 R L 南英商工
09 9 陳逸軒 OF 1994-02-11 174 65 R L 南英商工
10 10 吳柏毅 C 1993-04-07 172 70 R R 南英商工
11 11 黃偉仁 P 1993-05-11 171 64 L L 善化高中
12 12 鐘振嘉 IF 1993-04-18 168 70 R R 南英商工
13 13 黃威銓 IF 1993-04-15 176 76 R R 南英商工
14 14 方敏任 P 1992-09-14 177 75 R R 南英商工
15 15 詹子賢 P 1994-02-24 183 85 R R 南英商工
16 16 謝柏賢 P 1993-05-17 182 73 L L 南英商工
17 17 辛柏霖 P 1993-02-04 177 65 L L 南英商工
18 18 黃子鵬 P 1994-03-19 181 70 R L 南英商工

1)Chia-Hao Sung - Sadaharu Oh Cup MVP; top fb 145 kph; cousin of Wen-Hua Sung (on this year's "AA" NT)
2)Yi-Tze Lin
3)Wei-Hao Chen
4)Yu-Kung Chen
5)Jung-Chan Hsieh  - (Rong)Jung-Hao Hsieh's lil bro
6)Chia-Huang Lin
7)Shu-Yi Lin
8)Chih-Hao Lin
9)Yi-Hsuan Chen
10)Po-Yi Wu
11)Wei-Jen Huang - only non Nan-Ying player on roster
12)Tsen-Jia Tsung - on the '04 LLWS NT roster
13)Wei-Chuan Huang
14)Min-Jen Feng
15)Chi-Hsien Chan - topped out at 146 kph in the past
16)Po-Hsien Hsieh 
17)Po-Lin Hsin
18)Tse-Peng Huang

Despite churning out the likes of Hong-Chih Kuo, Chin-Lung Hu, Che-Hsuan Lin, Pin-Chieh Chen, Fu-Lin Kuo, Kai-Wen Cheng, etc., in the past,  there's not a lot of star power on this year's Nan-Ying squad. Righty Chia-Hao Sung is arguably the most talented player on this team.  Nonetheless, it's exciting to get an opportunity to see the Nan-Ying program here in the US.

See the squad in person next week.  Jiayo!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nan-Ying Coming to So Cal/CMW Back to the Bigs...

***After two+ years of physical and mental anguish, CMW will finally make his return to the Majors with a Friday start against the Mets.    In a season marred by injuries and disappointments to several players, you can't but help root for CMW to do well.

***Congrats to the World "A" LL Champs!   The national team beat Cuba in a rematch during the championship game.  RHP Wei-En Tseng earned the W in the championship game, won tourney MVP honors, was the top RHP, and was an All-Star at 1B. 

***Laying Claim to having the world's best Little Leaguers?    Taiwan will have an opportunity to win two more world titles at the "A" level.   Ching-Tang LL blitzed the field (outscoring opponents 85-19) in the Asia-Pacific Tourney and will be the A-P reps in Williamsport.  Here is the team's schedule in PA.
In Pony Baseball, a team from Taoyuan will rep Asia in the Bronco World Series.  This team outscored its opponents 92-3 (toughest game was the semis against Japan:  3-2 win).  See the schedule here.

***Here's the schedule for the Junior League World Series.  In Pony Baseball, a rep from Taiwan will need to win the Asia-Pacific Regionals in China going on July 29th - August 4th to advance to the Pony World Series.

***Nan-Ying HS will represent Taiwan in the Palomino World Series.   The World Series will be held here in Los Angeles from August 4th through the 8th.   I'll try to make it out with my kids for a few games.    Come to support the team and hope to see you guys there.

***Nice read on Che-Huan Lin.   It must be nice to have a howitzer for an appendage!
What else does Chih-Hsien Chiang have to prove in AA ball to get a promotion?   The kid is killing Eastern League pitching
CH Chen having a quiet but solid year in AA.
Yao-Ling Wang - best player in Boise?

***The MLBAAP is under way in the land down under.   Kuo-Hua Lo and Jin-De Jhang are doing well in their debut.

***Mixing Biz and Pleasure?  Interesting media news on Fu-Te Ni - He announced on his blog that he got married but he did not mention his wife's name.  It is widely known that Ni has been dating his baseball agent (a female rep from Octagon) which is probably why he chose not to mention her name.

***CPBL All-Star Festivities:  HR Derby Champ / All-Star Game Result

***The Senior NT finished second to Cuba at the WBC.  Cuba brought its "A" squad this time around.   1 win in 3 tries against the Cubans with essentially a roster made up of NT trainees ain't too shabby.  IF Po-Ting Hsiao was impressive in the tourney.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More News....(Updated 7/14)

*LHP Wei-Chung Wang (Octagon) failed his physical with the Pirates due to an ulnar collateral ligament tear that will require Tommy John surgery; his contract was voided.
***UPDATED 7/14 - Some new info on Wang:  Word is that the $350 K offer was rescinded by the Pirates due to the physical, however the Pirates still wanted to sign him (albeit at a lower price) and give him an opportunity.   The snag?  His agent rejected the offer.  Hmmm, if true, the kid passed on an opportunity to at least have his elbow taken care of by a US orthopedic surgeon.

*A few ML teams including the Indians are after former Ku-Pao HS RHP/OF Chih-Yu Lin.

*The Pirates have released OF Chi.

*The Reds have released LHP Tzu-Kai Chiu.

*Reds prospect P Po-Cheng Chi is out for the season with an elbow injury.

*Astros minor leaguer CJ Lo hurt his elbow again in Florida.

*Ex-Cubs farmhand RHP Tzu-An Wang is represented by L3 agency.

*The Cubs have moved 2B Pin-Chieh Chen to CF, with good results.

*Hanshin RHP Kai-Wen Cheng was called up to the 1st team, after 35 consecutive scoreless innings with the ni-gun team.

*CPBL President Lions RHP Wei-Lun Pan has an ulnar collateral ligament injury and is out indefinitely.

*CPBL Elephants RHP En-Yu Lin still has not made progress from his labrum surgery.

*CPBL Elephants RHP Sung-Wei Tseng has lost velocity and his feel for pitching, as he is struggling while playing for the minor league team.

*Nice read on Red Sox prospect CH Chiang.

*New Pirate Chin-De Chang flashing his Black and Yellow Pride:
Chang goes by Jhin-De Jhang.

*Taiwan will most likely face South Korea tomorrow in the AP Regional Championship game.  Winner heads to Williamsport.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chiang - Eastern League Player of the Month

***Red Sox prospect Chih-Hsien Chiang has had one helluva season so far.   In addition to earning an invite to the Futures World All-Star team, he's also been selected to the Eastern League All-Star team (Chun-Hsiu Chen was also on the roster, but will not play due to injury), and was just picked the Eastern League Player of the Month for June
Read more about Chiang here, from

***Other minor leaguers off to good starts include: 
CC Lee - recently promoted to AAA (impressive K/9-BB ratio)
PC Chen - hitting at a .356 clip (scouting report)
FL Kuo - has 2 HRs in his first 9 games of the season

***IN THE NPB:  After a hot start with the Fighters, DK Yang has cooled down considerably.  He's currently at .268 with 2 HRs and 15 RBI.  The good news is that he is still starting for the Fighters in the OF and is frequently in the lead-off spot.
Dragons LHP Wei-Yin Chen is still trying to find his groove after working his way back from an early season injury.   He's currently 2-6, but does have a 2.73 ERA.

***The Minnesota Twins have signed RHP Kuo-Hua Lo (former San-Hsin HS star).

Wei-Chung Wang

***The Pirates inked C Chin-De Chang for ~ $250 K while LHP Wei-Chung Wang received ~ $350 K.  Reportedly, it was unclear if Wang would be able to pass his physical due to elbow issues.  Nonetheless, Wang did represent the Taiwanese national team at the World Port Tournament.   Taiwan won its first ever WPT title, defeating Cuba (did not send its top squad) 3 times in the tourney.  Han Lin was the tourney MVP, MPP, and the top hitter.
The senior NT will now participate in the World Baseball Challenge

***Shi-Yuan HS RHP Lee-Wei Chiang will potentially require elbow surgery (TJ).

***Mariners prospect Yao-Wen Chang had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum.

***Kao-Yuan HS IF Tzu-Wei Lin was clocked at 3.7 s going from home to first in the recent Yu-Shan Cup.  As a LHH, that still puts Lin in some elite company (80 category with Ichiro).

***Stiff jail sentences were handed out to former CPBL/national team stars Chih-Chia Chang and Chih-Yuan Chen for their involvement in the CPBL game-fixing scandal.

***With all of the not-so-good news about Kuo and Hu (bad bouts of the Yips), Chien-Ming Wang seems to be on the right path in resurrecting his career.

***Taiwan will defend its title at the Junior League World Series in Taylor, Michigan.  Taiwan won the Asia-Pacific Regionals, defeating Hong Kong 24-1, the Philippines 25-2, and Indonesia 22-0 in the preliminary rounds.   The team then blanked the Philippines in the A-P championship game 24-0.   Starting pitcher Chuan-Yu Hsu was the star, earning the W after blanking the opponents over 3 IP with 5 K's.  He also had 4 hits.

***The inaugural  IBAF "A" World Championship kicks off on Friday.
Taiwan will face:
1)7/8 - vs. Cuba
2)7/9 - vs. Ecuador
3)7/10 - vs. Japan
4)7/11 - vs. Lithuania
5)7/14 - vs. Brazil
6)7/15 - vs. Hong Kong
The boys will need to finish in the top 2 of their group in order to advance to the semifinals taking place 7/16.  The championship and consolation games will take place 7/17.    Mexico and Korea are in the other pool group and in an interesting side note, there is NO US representative.

***The Taiwanese LL reps will also attempt to make their way back to Williamsport.  The team plays in the Asia-Pacific Regionals beginning July 9th.  The team is in pool A with Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, and New Zealand.   Pool B heavyweight South Korea is grouped with host Guam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and CNMI.
1)7/9 - vs. Australia
2)7/10 - vs. New Zealand
3)7/11 - vs. Singapore
4)7/12 - vs. Thailand
5)7/13 - vs. Indonesia
Again, the team will need to finish in the top 2 of its pool to play in the semis on the 14th of July.
The championship and consolation games will take place on 7/15.