Thursday, August 24, 2006

NT Preliminary Roster for 2006 Asian Games

With the 2006 Asian Games coming up in December, Taiwan has named a 50-man preliminary roster. Here it is:

1)Pai-Yu Lin - Amateur
2)Cheng-Lung Lo - Amateur
3)Chia-Jen Lo - Amateur
4)Chen-Chang Lee - Amateur
5)Chia-Chun Tang - Amateur
6)Chao-Hao Tseng - Whales
7)Wei-Ming Chu - Whales
8)En-Yu Lin - Cobras
9)Yueh-Ping Lin - Lions
10)Wei-Lun Pan - Lions
11)Chien-Fu Yang - Bulls
12)Si-Yo Wu - Bears
13)Fong-Hua Lee - Bears
14)Hong-Chih Kuo - Dodgers
15)Po-Hsuan Keng - Blue Jays
16)Chi-Hung Cheng - Blue Jays
17)Sung-Wei Tseng - Indians
18)Ching-Lung Lo - Rockies
19)Wei-Yin Chen - Dragons
20)Chien-Ming Chiang - Giants
21)Ying-Chieh Lin - Eagles
22)Yao-Hsun Yang - Hawks
23)Chien-Ming Wang - Yankees

1)Yi-Wei Lee - Amateur
2)Hung-Yu Lin - Amateur
3)Chih-Kang Kao - Lions
4)Chun-Chang Yeh - Bulls

1)Sheng-Wei Wang - Amateur
2)Yi-Chuan Lin - Amateur
3)Kuo-Ching Kao - Lions
4)Chia-Wei Chen - Lions
5)Kuo-Lung Hsu - Bulls
6)Chih-Wei Shih - Bears
7)Chih-Sheng Lin - Bears
8)Tai-Shan Chang - Bulls
9)Chang-Ming Cheng - Whales
10)Yung-Chi Chen - Mariners
11)Chin-Lung Hu - Dodgers
12)Chung-Shou Yang - Fighters

1)Chun-Yu Kuo - Amateur
2)Chih-Yao Chan - Amateur
3)Yuan-Chin Chu - Amateur
4)Yu-Hsien Ming - Bulls
5)Chien-Ming Chang - Bulls
6)Guan-Ren Chen - Elephants
7)Chih-Yuan Chen - Elephants
8)Chin-Feng Chen - Bears
9)Chia-Hsien Hsieh - Cobras
10)Kuo-Hui Lo - Mariners
11)Wei-Chu Lin - Tigers

The Korean preliminary roster has also been announced - surprisingly, no H.S. Choi, C.H. Park, J.W. Seo, or B.H. Kim.


Anonymous said...

Little OT but can anyone tell me why/how Wang decided not to play for Taiwan in the WBC? I was out of the country for a month or so and missed the whole thing. Thanks.

Let's hope he plays in the 2006 Asian Games!

Anonymous said...

I think the Yankees wouldn't allow him too.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good line up, lets hope Taiwan takes home the gold at the asian games...jiayo!

also,when is wangs next game?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Even though Wang was named to the preliminary roster, it's highly unlikely that he will participate in the Asian Games.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

His next start should be against the Tigers next week, just not sure which day.

Cor said...

What kind of roster will we see for the Intercontinental Cup in Taiwan ? Will it be the same team that will compete during the Asia Games?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

That's a good question Cor. I'm not too sure, but since the two tourneys are only a few weeks apart, I would assume that a lot of the CPBL and amateur players would participate in the Intercontinental Cup in preparation for the Asian Olympic Qualifiers.

Anonymous said...

y is it high unlikely wang will participate?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Essentially it comes down to Wang's loyalty to the Yankees and the fact that the top brass in the Yanks organization don't want Wang to participate because of his past history with shoulder injuries - same exact scenario we saw for the WBC.