Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Roundup....

AA - Hu was 0-2 with a walk, a run scored, and a RBI. Jacksonville won 6-5.

AA - San Antonio won 8-6 in extra innings. Chen continues to swing a hot bat as he went 3-6 with a double, a RBI, a run scored, and his 4th SB for SA.

A - Cheng won his 11th game of the season by throwing 5 shutout innings, giving up 2 hits, to go along with 6 K's and NO walks! Lansing won 7-1.

A - Wu walked in his lone AB. Everett lost 8-4.

A - Lowell won 3-1. In his first game with Lowell, Chiang grounded out in his only AB.


Anonymous said...

hey TBT, just wanted to let you know some info you'd probably be interested in regarding our kids playing in Korea and Japan. Our boys won 1st place in a tourny in chiba, japan. Heres some links
this one is in chinese
this ones in japanese

Also, our boys who were invited to play in Korea were kicked out after the Top 4 because we were very likely to win. the organizers would only allow a Korean team to win the championship so they sent our boys home. Thats pretty disgusting. The organizers national pride ruined the potential friendships between the korean and taiwanese kids. heres the link- have a read

Anonymous said...

sorry, the first link was to long to fit. i think this should work. just connect them

Anonymous said...

sorry, i made a mistake. the first link in chinese has to do with the korean organizers kicking our boys out,not about our 1st place win in the chiba tourny. the one in japanese is the one that has to do with the chiba tourny so you might have to translate it. hope you enjoy the articles

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Thanks for the links man, much appreciated!

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Reading the news about the Korean tourney is disturbing...I mean why even invite the Taiwanese kids to the tourney if you're going to end up 8 balling them for doing too well? I hate to say it, but it's blatantly racist!

Anonymous said...

yeah, when i read it earlier i was disgusted. They claimed the reason they kicked our boys out was because only a korean team was allowed to win the championship. now, because of the organizers, the taiwanese kids have this idea that koreans are all like this. If they hadnt let their national pride get in the way, im willing to bet that the taiwanese and korean kids would be pretty good friends right now instead of our boys disliking them. well, atleast we won the tourny in chiba japan and didnt get kicked out for being a good non-japanese team.