Thursday, August 17, 2006

Respect My Privacy......

It looks like Wang will be avoiding the Taiwanese media for now. I guess somewhere along the line, too much info was made available to the public regarding Wang's private life. The NY Times recently wrote an article that talks a little bit about Wang's personal life. It looks like Alan Chang, Wang's agent and PR, will be getting a lot of calls! Heck, I might call him too! :)

Thurday Recaps:
Lin was 0-1 as Hanshin lost 7-1. Get the kid some more AB's please!!! Box

AAA - Kuo started for Vegas again and pitched 4.2 innings of shutout ball. He gave up only 4 hits, with 9 K's and 1 walk! Lookin' good man! Box/Game Log

AA - Jacksonville won 3-0. Hu was 1-4 with 3 K's. Box

AA - Chen was 2-5 with a RBI and was also picked off at first. San Antonio won 4-3. Box

A - Lansing won 4-1. Cheng joined C.L. Lo in the 10 win club as he pitched 5 shutout innings of 1 hit ball to go along with 8 K's and 3 walks. Box

R - The Red Sox won 3-1. Chiang DNP. Huang made a defensive appearance in the final inning only. Box


Anonymous said...

I know people in the media have jobs to do but the Taiwanese media is beyond pathetic. They make the US tabloids look like "60 Minutes". They JUST WOULD NOT STOP hounding people. I've only been living here for a few months and I can't stand watching TV here anymore. The news programs are a s*itshow. It's good that Wang stood up for himself and his family. Leave him alone and let him pitch!

Anonymous said...

wow. I don't live in Taiwan so I didn't even know that this was going on. It's just that Wang has never given me the impression that he felt bothered by the media so this is a complete suprise to me. I guess he really is as cool and calm as he plays baseball.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Although I tend to side with Wang in regards to asking the media to respect his privacy, I do think that the moratorium from all Taiwanese press is a bit harsh. Again not all media outlets were responsible for the few bad eggs who did cross the line of invading Wang's private life. There is the saying that "Any press is good press." In Wang's instance, the media helped to drive Wang's popularity which in turn led to lucrative endorsements for Wang. Of course the ultimate reason for Wang's popularity is his success on the field. Hopefully he can put all of these distractions behind him and focus on the rest of the season at hand.