Friday, May 23, 2008

2008 Collegiate NT Preliminary Roster

In preparation for the 2008 World University Baseball Championships (to be held July 17th - 27th in the Czech Republic), a preliminary roster has been formed. This list will later be pared down to 22 when the competition begins.

Pitchers (10):
1)Kai-Wen Cheng
2)Chia-Jen Lo
3)Wen-Yang Liao
4)Ko-Chien Lin
5)Chih-Lung Huang
6)Hung-Cheng Lai
7)Yu-Chi Hsiao
8)Wai-Ren Cheng
9)Fan-Shuo Chen
10)Cong-Hsuan Tseng

Catchers (3):
1)Jui-Mu Chen
2)Chun-Chieh Wang
3)Kun-Sheng Lin

Infielders (8):
1)Kuo-Min Lin
2)Chih-Hsiang Lin
3)Chih-Pei Huang
4)Hsien-Hsien Yang
5)Te-Lung Yu
6)Ming ? Tsai
7)Hang Hsu
8)Yi-Chuan Lin

Outfielders (6):
1)Min-? Chen
2)Wei-Chung Wang
3)Keng-Wei Lin
4)Yuan-Chin Chu
5)Sheng-Feng Tsai
6)Chih-Yao Chan

1)Yu-Cheng Chung
2)Chung-Yi Lin
3)Wen-Yu Wu
4)Chih-Hsien Yeh

*Players in Bold demarcate those under consideration for the Olympic NT roster.

The team will depart for the US and play in several exhibition games from June 8th - July 2nd.
The International Baseball Series will take place June 20-22 in Millington, TN.
The NT will then play the US collegiate NT 6 times from June 25 - 30 in both South Carolina and North Carolina.

From July 4th - 14th, the team will participate in the Haarlem Baseball Week Tournament in the Netherlands as a final tuneup before the 4th World University Baseball Championships commence. At the HBW tourney, Taiwan is scheduled to face:
7/4 - vs. Japan
7/6 - vs. the Netherlands
7/7 - vs. Cuba
7/10 - vs. USA
7/11 - vs. the Netherlands Antilles


Billy said...

Hu had a good game today. He was 2 for 3 with a single and a triple. He also came in and scored on a run and had one strikeout. Thats it for today. Any news on Lin Che Hsuan lately?

TTT said...

Lin played last night - he DH'd.