Monday, May 26, 2008

The Plot Thickens....

I posted a roster of the youth NT late last night. The team that won the recently completed youth national tourney (the Hsieh Kuo-Cheng Cup) was from Taichung - specifically Shi-Yuan jr HS and HS kids. Lefty Yu-Hung Lee is from Shi-Yuan jr HS - and he wasn't listed on the Taichung roster.

The youth NT is missing the best youth pitcher (under 16) in the country for the simple fact that the Taichung (& Shi-Yuan jr HS) head coach - Wu-Hsiung Huang got to select the youth NT. He omitted Lee from the roster because in all likelihood, Lee is headed to Japan (with the Yomiuri Giants) some time in June. This is an illustration of what J. Broder was talking about in his article regarding teams hiding players.

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