Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prospect Watching.....

In addition to the Junior World Championships this summer, we'll have a lot to look forward to with the the Little League and Pony international competitions. Despite the intense media coverage given to the LLWS by ESPN and ABC nowadays, the Pony organization's competition should be the one we pay more attention to when it comes to identifying future talent.

Take a look at the big names who've participated in the LLWS vs. Pony Baseball over the past 20 years:

1989 - Ming-Chieh Hsu (Seibu Lions) LLWS runner-up
1990 - Chin-Feng Chen (ex-LA Dodgers) LLWS champs
1991 - Wei-Chu Lin (Hanshin Tigers) LLWS champs
1996 - Chih-Hung Cheng (Toronto Blue Jays) LLWS champs
1996 - Chao-Kuan Wu (ex-Seattle Mariners/Cleveland Indians) LLWS champs
2000 - Che-Hsuan Lin (Boston Red Sox) Pony (11-12) champs
2000 - Sheng-An Kuo (Colorado Rockies) Pony (13-14) champs
2000 - Ching-Lung Lo (Colorado Rockies) Pony (13-14) champs
2005 - Yao-Wen Chang (Seattle Mariners) Pony (13-14) champs
2005 - Tzu-Kai Chiu (Cincinnati Reds) Pony (17-19)
2007 - Yu-Hung Lee (Yomiuri Giants) Pony (13-14)
2007 - Chia-Chu Chen (Boston Red Sox) Pony (17-19) runner-up

Notice a trend? The most talented players from Taiwan are now participating in the Pony Baseball organization. Perhaps RHP Chao-Min Wang from last year's LLWS squad can continue to develop his game and buck the current trend; but the glory days of seeing dominant teams from Taiwan in the LLWS are over.


Billy said...

Yeah, I remember Chao Min Wang. He pitched well last year at the LLWS. That game with Japan was CLOSE. Our boys really should have had it in the 9th if it werent for that either clutch or lucky 2 out hit they got for an rbi. Anyway, any news on Lin Che Hsuan? I remember he left a game in the 4th a few days ago. Is he injured or something or is he alright?

TTT said...

He banged up his shoulder going after a ball, but he should be back any day now - he's listed as day-to-day.

Billy said...

thats good to hear that it is nothing serious. Did you happen to see Hu's clutch suicide squeeze bunt yesterday?

Cuttlefish said...

"but the glory days of seeing dominant teams from Taiwan in the LLWS are over"

Why is that?

TTT said...

I didn't get a chance to catch the game.

Regarding why those days are over - you should read Junwei Yu's book, "Playing in Isolation."

Philip said...


I haven't followed LLWS for a long time ever since they changed the format. Could somebody elaberate please and also what is PONY?