Monday, July 21, 2008

Amateur Updates....

LL action - Taiwan beat Thailand 5-1 Monday. The team managed only 10 hits, but fortunately, two-way star Cheng-Yu Tsai stepped up big at the plate, cracking a 3-run HR. He also shut down the Thai team over 1.2 relief innings, K'ing 3. Thailand scored its lone run in the bottom of the 6th inning. Taiwan will now face it's last two (and toughest) opponents in South Korea and Hong Kong in pool play over the next two days.

In Pony action (13-14 age group), Taiwan defeated South Korea 6-2. The team is from Taichung, represented by youth powerhouse Shi-Yuan jr. high (past alumni include Yao-Wen Chang and Yu-Hung Lee).

In the Bronco division (11-12 year olds) of Pony bb, Taiwan beat the Philippines 19-2. With the win, a showdown has been set up with Japan (who are also undefeated) tomorrow. The winner, representing the Asian/Pacific zone will move on to Monterey, CA. Expect to see aces Kuan-Yi Lee and Chia-Ming Tu in the matchup against Japan.


Billy said...

seems like our LL team has more power than last year. Chen Yu-Tsai is our ace pitcher and home run hitter I guess. Do you know how fast he can pitch? We have hit atleast 1 homer every game so far. 2 against China and 3 against India. Let's see if we can get hit some more against HK and Korea. Where are you finding the results for the Pony and Bronco games? Are we competing in Palomino this year?

TTT said...

The linked pics on the site are the sites that I peruse frequently.

Not too sure about the Palomino division this year.