Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Scores...

The Dodgers and DBacks are tied at 7 in the 9th. HC Kuo threw 2 scoreless innings, K'ing 4. Box


R - The GCL Reds lost 5-2 in game 1 of a DH. YW Kuo was 0-3 with a walk and an error committed. Box

R - The GCL Red Sox lost 5-1 in game 1 of a DH. CH Huang was 1-3 while CC Chen was 1-3 with a double. Box
The Red Sox won 7-4 in game 2 of a DH. CH Huang was 1-1 with a double and 2 BB's. Box

R - The GCL Tigers lost 17-1. CT Tang was 0-3 while collecting an OF assist. Box

A - Greenville lost 5-1. CH Lin was 0-5 with 3 K's. Box

A+ - Lancaster won 6-3. CH Chiang was 1-4. Box

A+ - High Desert lost 7-0. KH Lo was 0-3. Box


Taiwan won its opening game against Canada 6-4. Pics

Junior NT:
Taiwan tied Canada 9-9 yesterday before picking up its first win against an extremely talented Canadian squad (Brett Lawrie was drafted in the first round in this year's draft) today (4-1).
Read more on Thursday's game here and today's game here.


Billy said...

no pics up of the rosters yet for our LL team. Maybe you find one? But, HK beat Korea 2-1. It seems like they fielded a strong team again. And the kids from Taiwan destroyed the Chinese boys 22-1 to make them 1-0. Also noticed that India was competing for the first time. They took their first loss today getting shut out 30 to nothing to Thailand. = )

Billy said...

Found an article on our boys in HK right now. It actually a few pics of the team. It said that we hit three homers against China today. And, they are from Taipei like you said earlier. If we make it to the LLWS, I hope we dont gotta wear those atrocious Asia-Pacific uniforms we had to wear last year.

BTY, you didnt find out if they are airing the games on TV anywhere are they? I keep thinking they might air it on ESPN in Asia since I saw on the poster that ESPN is the Official Broadcaster but I havent seen it. Maybe the games arent airing.

Heres the article link






Billy said...

found a better quality photo of the team. It is not thumbnail sized like the last one. Also heard that our Bronco team is off to a good start. I will post the article from Yahoo News Taiwan:

小馬聯盟亞洲賽》29:0 中華狂電香港
聯合 更新日期:2008/07/19 16:30 記者王翔台北報導

今天兩支中華少棒隊同時出擊,在台北市舉行的小馬聯盟亞洲少棒賽,今天早上首戰以29:0擊敗香港,五局提前結束,取得首勝,另外在香港舉行的世界少棒聯盟 (LLB)的亞洲少棒賽,中華隊下午三點半出戰中國。



here is a pic of the team

one of our pitchers

Is it just me or are our LL teams always really tan? Probably from playing so much baseball out in the sun.

TTT said...

Thanks for the updates....the games are probably being broadcast regionally.