Monday, July 14, 2008

The Road to Williamsport - 2008.....

The Asia-Pacific regional tourney kicks off this coming weekend in Hong Kong. This year, there are 12 teams competing for the one spot in Williamsport. Taiwan is grouped in the Asia pool along with China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, and India. The winner of the Asia pool will play the winner of the Pacific pool - which includes: Guam, Philippines, Australia, CNMI, New Zealand, and Indonesia. The championship game will take place next Thursday(7/24).

Two kids to keep an eye on:

Cheng-Yu Tsai
5'5", 150 pounds, B-R/T-R

Che-Wai Lin
5'4 1/2", 110 pounds, B-L/T-L


Billy said...

how bout Chao Min Wang? Any pics of the full roster for this year?

TTT said...

There usually is a roster with pics on the HK LL site. Haven't seen it posted yet.

tsong001 said...

do you know which city is the team representing Taiwan from? Either way, let's hope that they make it here again! I'm excited to watch little league world series every year especially when our boys are representing! :)

Billy said...

Maybe, Taichung again? The boys from Taichung had a great showing last year. They pretty much beat Japan(the runner-up) last year but Japan managed to squeeze out a run scoring hit with 2 outs in the bottom of the last inning to send it into extra innings where it would go on for a while until Japan managed to hit a walk off hr. I wonder if Chao Min Wang can still play this year or is he too old? I wanna see Taiwan take home the championship this year!

TTT said...

I think the kids are from Taipei - Tung-Yuan elem. school? Not sure though.