Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kai-Wen Cheng/Royals Update....

Here's an update to an earlier post on scouting in Taiwan (Samuel Fu is no longer with the White Sox, Allen Lin has signed Chao-Ting Tang, and Ken Su is the Yankees local scout). The Kansas City Royals' main man in Taiwan is Adam Hislop.
The Royals scout was rumored to have met with RHP Kai-Wen Cheng this past week. Cheng, along with Chia-Jen Lo are two of the bigger named unsigned amateur players in Taiwan. It's no coincidence that these 2 kids (along with RHP CC Lee) are the only amateur players on the Olympic national team. Cheng, who reportedly turned down a $30K offer from the Twins, is supposedly seeking $300K.
MC Lin
Chung-Dao HS senior to be- Ming-Chie Lin was also rumored to have been on Hislop's radar recently. Lin, who has good size - standing in at 6'2", throws in the low 80's but has a poor delivery.
It will be interesting to see if the Royals' history of financial constraints will hinder its abilities to sign kids in Taiwan. None the less, you gotta give the Royals some credit for stepping up their international presence in Asia.

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