Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kuo, Nearly a Millionaire......Cardinals Coming To Taiwan......

*The Dodgers and Hong-Chih Kuo agreed to a one year deal worth $975,000 for this upcoming season (Another site has the amount worth $937 K + additional money in performance incentives)

*The St. Louis Cardinals are sending a scout (Matt Slater?) to Taiwan, marking the team's initial presence on the island. Supposedly the scout is interested in CCU RHP Hao-Chun Chiu, Kao-Yuan HS left handed hitter Chi-Hung Hsu, and two kids from Nan-Ying HS.
Speaking of the Cards, the team has some interest in CMW.

*Former US minor leaguer and Chinese NT member Ray Chang will be coming to Taiwan in February to seek employment opportunities in the CPBL. He will also be visiting Japan to drum up some interest from NPB clubs.


AndrewLin0409 said...

It's good to see Kuo bouncing back from his injury and the dodgers continual support of him.

TTT said...

Yea, all things considered, I think he got a pretty fair deal from the Dodgers.