Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Million Dollar Man?

*There is speculation that Kao-Yuan IF Tzu-Wei Lin is set to receive the highest signing bonus for an amateur non-pitcher from the island.      The toolsy Lin should garner a seven figure signing bonus as he is reportedly receiving serious interest from the Rangers, Yankees, Indians, Red Sox, Twins, Pirates, A's, Padres, and Softbank Hawks (NPB).   He's eligible to sign upon the completion of his HS career in a matter of months.

CFC received $680,000 back in 1999 with the Dodgers.

If and when Lin signs, he'll be able to live down this potential blunder made back in 2010.

*There are rumors that the A's reportedly made an offer to Ku-Pao RHP Ping-Hsueh Chen.

*Remember the 2009 Little League World Series?  
Well, the star player from that Taiwanese team, Wen-Hua Sung is on all scouts' radars with his impressive development.     The 15 year old is set to finish "middle school" and begin HS in the fall.   He's now grown to 6'1" and weighs 187 pounds.   He's been clocked at a high of 92 mph. 

* The Cubs released RHP Hung-Wen Chen.
Several other minor league washouts are playing in the Atlantic League.   Ching-Lung Lo is with the Lancaster Barnstormers.  Chin-Lung Hu failed his physical with the Phillies and is on the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs roster.  Sheng-An Kuo is also supposedly in the Atlantic League.

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